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Savanna Flowers products range

unrooted cuttings, rooted cuttings and boxes

Savanna Flowers produces rooted and unrooted cuttings and young plants. These are the basic requirements for our clients and we thus strive to remain simple but able to satisfy your basic needs.

<br><br>Savanna Flowers products range
Unrooted cuttings

The unrooted cuttings are harvested in units of 100 pieces/harvesting bag and depending on the variety packed 2.000 - 10.000 cuttings per box. They are packed with ice packs and/or ethylene blocker sachets.

Rooted Cuttings

Depending on the crop we offer both the 20mm cm and the 16mm Plug. The 20mm Plug is packed in a 204 hole tray/box while the 16mm Plug is packed in a 285 hole tray/box.
Depending on the size of the young plants there are 2 - 6 trays per shipping box.
Rooted Pelargoniums are packed in a small paper box with 200 young plants in
a box and 6 small boxes in a shipping box (1200 per Box).


Unrooted cuttings are packed in boxes of either dimensions 30x50x15 cm or 60x50x15 cm.
Rooted Cuttings are packed in boxes of either dimensions 55x37x25 cm or 55x37x43 cm.


Pelargonium A range of the most common varieties from breeders like PAC in Germany.

Bedding Plants

Bedding Plants A large assortment of bedding plants from many different breeders all over the world, tested and trialed in different locations in Europe


Perennials A very interesting assortment of the most common free perennials and also a selected range from the famous breeders, such as...


Grasses Decorative grasses that are available as rooted and unrooted products.


Herbs Herbs are becoming more and more popular, our range includes the most interesting and common varieties.


Hedera Hedera are rampant, climbing and evergreen and we offer a wide assortment of green and variegated varieties.